Legend - Type List - Updates

VOID: always returns None
INT: integer value; e.g. 3
SomeType: index of some type (click to view); e.g. UnitType
LONG: long value (large integer); e.g. 25245432562
FLOAT: float value (non-integer); e.g. 23.45
BOOL: boolean value; True or False
STRING: string value (text); e.g. "unladen swallow"
TUPLE: tuple value; e.g. (12, 16) or ("velocity", 23, True)
LIST: list value; e.g. ["spam", "bacon", "eggs", "spam"]
CvClass: class object (click to go to class); e.g. CyUnit or CvBuildingInfo
Unknown: unknown type; something Python does not recognize (do not use)