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The BUG Project

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The BUG Project is a collaboration of modifications for the computer game called Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.  The goal of the project is to combine different components that will make playing Civilization IV:  Beyond the Sword more enjoyable, as well as more user friendly, without altering any of the game mechanics.  Not one part of the game play has been altered. We welcome and encourage anyone who can find where we have altered the way the game is played, or gives information hidden from the player normally, to contact us and we will correct the issue.

As always, if you are a mod designer, and would like your mod added, or to include BUG in your own Mod, please let us know. We believe in the free exchange of all code, so you may include in your Mods. We just request you give us credit for our additions, and to keep all references to The Bug Mod and the version you used, within the code.

We highly recommend you install the Blue Marble Terrain Mod. This Mod uses NASA's Blue Marble Program to give the terrain of Civilization IV a more natural look. You should install Blue Marble before you install one of The BUG Project mods

If you would like to be notified of project updates, then please join our mailing list for New Releases, and for SVN Updates. We will not sell or share your information.

The BUG Mod

The BUG Mod makes many interface improvements, but will not alter any unit, terrain, or city graphics. With a few exceptions, The BUG Mod is customizable, and features can be disabled or altered from within the game by just pressing Alt + Ctrl + O..  This will allow you to customize BUG to fit your style!

The BAT Mod

The BAT Mod makes the game look as it should have when you first purchased it.  We have combined many graphical changes into one mod, striving to give each Civilization its own look and feel.

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