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The BAT Mod

Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword has the ability to be modified through Python Code, as well as XML code.  The Civilization Community has worked hard, and they have created many great modifications for the game.  Unfortunately not all of these mods are compatible with each other, and require a lot of time and effort to merge these mods together, without causing errors.

The BAT Mod makes changes to the cityscapes and units, to make each civilization more ethnically diverse. Several other small graphical changes have been made as well. These additions add flavor to the game, and complete the game appearance.  There is no way to make these mods optional, so to use the mod you will need to use the mod in its entirety.






- The BAT MOD for Beyond the Sword version 3.19

- The BAT MOD for Beyond the Sword version 3.17

- The BAT MOD for Beyond the Sword version 3.13

- The BAT MOD for Beyond the Sword Version 3.00 - 3.03


Installation Instructions:

Self-Extracting .EXE instructions:
1)Run the ‘BATMod_XX.exe’ file. [XX is the current version number.]
2) You will be prompted for different installation options. Choose the one that you prefer. Settings files will be shared between all installations now, so you can have multiple installs as well.
3) Restart CIV.

ZIP File instructions:
1) Locate your CIV:BTS Document folder (Usually within My Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword or Users/Username/Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword for Vista).
2) Copy contents of '’ file, [XX is the current version number.], into the CIV:BTS Mods folder.

3) Restart CIV.


---=== The On-line BAT Mod Help File ===---

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