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Note: This is the API documentation for the Beyond the Sword expansion pack; some functions listed here are not available in the original game or Warlords expansion. Apolyton has documentation for the previous games available online:

This documentation was created using a modified version of the python script written by Locutus. It was updated for BTS by EmperorFool and Dresden and is now a project on Google Code.

2008-10-10 - Updated for BTS (3.17) including most non-SDK changes.

Changes in non-SDK classes from Warlords v2.00 to BTS v3.17 (legend: (a) = added, (r) = removed, (m) = modified):

2006-08-12 - Updated with non-SDK Warlords changes.

Changes in non-SDK classes from original game v1.61 to Warlords v2.00 (legend: (a) = added, (r) = removed, (m) = modified):

2006-08-08 - Added index.

I expanded the functionality of this site to include an alphabetical index of methods, attributes and constructors, which is available from the class frame (top left corner). Everything (methods, attributes, constructors and classes) is clickable and doing so takes you to the item in question.

2006-07-31 - Updated to Warlords v2.00.

Changes from original game v1.61 (legend: (a) = added, (r) = removed, (m) = modified): Disclaimer: this list may not be 100% complete, any changes outside the SDK (compared to v1.61) are not reflected here (the auto-doc for those functions no longer works). These changes should be minital to non-existant so this shouldn't be a big issue. I will try to confirm if any changes were made and update this site if needed.

2006-03-17 - Updated to v1.61.

Many thanks to Solver; without his help this update would not have been possible.

Changes from v1.52 (legend: (a) = added, (r) = removed, (m) = modified): Note that the previous version of this API was v1.00. Changes from v1.00 to v1.52 are not listed above, only the ones from v1.52 to v1.61.

In addition, most functions which previously had no argument/return-type info (i.e. most non-SDK functions), do have this now.

Disclaimer: this list may not be 100% complete, specifically there may be some functions which in v1.52 were not documented that have had their arguments changed. If you suddenly get any 'Python argument types in {x} did not match C++ signature: {y}' on any of your pre-v1.61 scripts, you probably found a function of which the arguments changed ;-)